Contact Information

Our squadron phone number is (678) 306-6365.  From there, you can reach any member of our squadron staff!  You can find the directory of our staff members below.

For questions, contact:

For membership, media inquires or general questions please contact our Public Affairs Officer, Lt Col Tom Berg.

Senior Member Staff
Name Position Ext Email
1st Lt Tom North, CAP Commander 101 ✉
Lt Col Lisa Berg , CAP Deputy Commander
Testing Officer
102 ✉
Maj Charles Poss, CAP Advisor to the Commander
Asst. Personnel Officer
Testing Officer
105 ✉
Capt Stephanie Talley, CAP Health Services Officer
Safety Officer
Asst. Emergency Services Officer
Asst. Testing Officer
107 ✉
Lt Col Tom Berg, CAP Advisor to the Commander
Public Affairs Officer
Recruiting and Retention Officer
Asst. Testing Officer
Asst. Communications Officer
Administration Officer
151 ✉
Lt Col Don Dykes, CAP Personnel Officer 131 ✉
Lt Col Carolyn Talley, CAP Finance Officer 141 ✉
Lt Col Charles Talley, CAP Advisor to the Commander
Transportation Officer
Supply Officer
1 ✉
2d Lt Allan Hope, CAP Communications Officer 162 ✉
Maj Robert Kees, CAP Web Security Administrator
IT Officer
Logistics Officer
171 ✉
2nd Lt Thomas Steward, CAP Character Development Instructor 192 ✉
2d Lt Laura Shoop, CAP Senior Activities Officer
Asst. Emergency Services Officer
201 ✉
2nd Lt Charlene Talley, CAP Asst Safety Officer 2 ✉
Capt Christiana Shoop,CAP Emergency Services Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
231 ✉
1st Lt Juanita Motley, CAP  Asst. Communications Officer 2 ✉
Cadet Staff
Name Position Ext Email
C/Capt Whitney Reuschel, CAP Cadet Commander 301 ✉
C/1st Lt Travis Burns, CAP Cadet Deputy Commander 302 ✉
C/Maj Jacob Reuschel, CAP Cadet Emergency Services Officer 303 ✉
C/SMSgt Thomas Holcomb, CAP Cadet Executive Officer 304 ✉
C/MSgt Katie Goins Flight Commander 311 ✉
C/TSgt Tripp Tatroe Flight Sergeant 312 ✉
C/ 313 ✉
C/ 314 ✉
C/ 355 ✉