Marietta Cadet Earns CUL Qualification

MARIETTA, Ga. – Civil Air Patrol’s Emergency Services are performed by members who have undergone extensive training in specific qualifications such as ground team or aircrew.  One of the backbones of any successful mission is communications, bridging the gaps between CAP’s teams on the ground, in the air and at mission base.  Because of this, many cadets in the program become Mission Radio Operators (MROs), handling all of the radio calls throughout the mission.

While the primary goal of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is to turn today’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow,

Chief Reuschel having lunch with Col Mary Feik during the 2015 CAP National Conference in Orlando.

communications during an active mission can very easily become a deciding factor in a life-or-death scenario.  It is for this reason that becoming a leader in the communications field of a mission requires a cadet to be one of the most responsible people on the operation.  A Communications Unit Leader (CUL) is the director of all communications during a search-and-rescue or disaster relief mission.  The CUL is responsible for planning and maintaining an open link between all of the teams on the ground and CAP planes in the air so that the incident command team knows exactly what is going on at all times.  As a result, there are less than two dozen teenagers in the nation who hold this qualification, and Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron was proud to be home to one of these cadets…until now.  MariettaCAP is no longer home to just one Cadet CUL, but two!

On Tuesday, November 24, Georgia Wing Headquarters approved the Specialty Qualification Training Record for Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Whitney Reuschel, Marietta’s Cadet First Sergeant.  At only 14 years old, Chief Reuschel has been involved in CAP communications since the age of 12 and now helps to run the Georgia Wing VHF Radio Network on Thursday evenings.  In April, Reuschel was approached by the Deputy Director of the National Emergency Services Academy (NESA), Lt Col Michael Long, during an exercise in Alabama Wing.  Long noticed the Chief’s excellent performance as a Mission Staff Assistant and Radio Operator, and asked her to attend the 2015 NESA cycle.  “Cadet Reuschel is the first cadet CUL trainee I have had at NESA to actually follow through completing the ICS-300 requirement and complete the CUL qualification.  She is definitely a cut above and she is most welcome on my staff at any activity.,” said Lt Col John Randolph, the Communications Unit Leader at NESA.

On behalf of every member of Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron, Congratulations Chief Reuschel!  We’re proud of you!


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1st Lt. Ethan Berg, GAWG/PA