Cadets Fly Professional Simulators

Marietta Air Museum Cadets

Marietta Air Museum cadets Preparing to leave

 ATLANTA – On August 19, cadets of Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron were given the opportunity to spend several hours piloting professional flight simulators at FlightSafety International. Atlanta FlightSafety International, located at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, is where today’s top pilots get the proper training in a safe environment while familiarizing themselves with multiple types of aircraft.

Our cadets had several opportunities to fly the simulators thanks to the multiple instructors at FlightSafety International; they gave their time to help educate the cadets in their journey of aerospace education.

Cadets returning from their first simulator

Cadets returning from their first simulator

The cadets flew several types of aircraft, and depending on the flying experience of the cadet, the instructors would change the conditions of the flight to provide them with different challenges that might arise during an actual flight. Some of these conditions were rain, snow, clear skies, and thunderstorms. Some extra procedures that cadets had to handle were simulated engine fires and simulated cabin fires.

After one of the simulators, C/SSgt Holcomb was asked how this event had helped him advance his goals to become an aerospace engineer.      His response was, “Well it gives me experience in the cockpit. I can see all of the switches and controls that are there, so I can see what it would look like in an actual airplane, flying the airplane. I can see all the different types of airplanes, so that I can see maybe what I want to fly in the future.”

Celebrating 60 years since 1951, FlightSafety International has grown to have customers from 167 different countries along with more than 1,000 visual systems and 800 flight simulators and advanced training devices.

Learjet 31 Flight Simulator

Learjet 31 Flight Simulator

Aerospace professionals around the globe trust FlightSafety International to provide top-notch training and outstanding assistance. Their experienced instructors provide aircraft- and mission-specific courses, using their expansive training systems and breakthrough-technology flight simulators to boost safety.

With more than 1,800 highly experienced professional instructors, the company provides over 1.2 million hours of training every year. Every instructor is required to meet demanding criteria for experience, educational expertise, high-quality course delivery and customer assistance. They help ensure that all pilots in training are proficient and are prepared to react correctly and safely in routine and unforeseen circumstances.

C/Capt Ethan Berg

C/Capt Ethan Berg shows off his ILS flight profile

Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron would like to thank everyone at FlightSafety International for their continuous support of training today’s finest pilots. A special thanks to Captain Christiana Shoop for organizing this incredible experience.

For more information on FlightSafety International please visit their website at:

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1st Lt. Ethan Berg, GAWG/PA