O-Flights “Safe, Fun, Educational”

KENNESAW, Ga. -  The Civil Air Patrol gives every member under the age of 18 ten orientation flights, five powered flights and another five glider flights. At no time will cadets sustain any fees associated with the Orientation flights program.

The Cadet Orientation Flight Program introduces youth to general aviation through hands-on orientation flights in single engine aircraft and gliders. The program’s motto describes what cadet flying is all about: “Safe, Fun, Educational.”

On August 12 cadets Williams, Gray, and Beynum flew their first Orientation flights at Cobb County International Airport.

After C/A1C Williams first powered O-flight he said, “My love and view for aviation history have completely changed, the mechanics and thought that must have went into making these planes are incredible. I can’t imagine a world without aviation.”

11882901_468571359979636_6071396819398018346_oEvery flight conforms to the syllabus and is consistent with safety. Flights are only conducted in daylight and in visual meteorological conditions (VMC). Cadets are allowed to handle the flight controls, under the pilot’s supervision, during the non-critical phases of flight (e.g.: not during take-off, landing, or an emergency) . Only qualified CAP pilots may handle the controls below 1,000 ft AGL.

Each flight has an educational purpose, as discussed in the various syllabi. The goal is to complete the syllabus objectives in one sortie. Each flight Lasts 0.7 – 1.2 hours.

The cadet seated in the front seat is the primary “student” during an orientation flight. However, in powered aircraft, a second or third cadet should fly in the back seat, as weight and balance allows. Cadets may have as many observational back seat flights as possible.  You must have a cadet in the front seat to fly back seat rides.


DONT MISS OUT! Check with your flight sergeant now, and see when the next squadron O-flight is.

The Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron would like to give a special thanks to  Cobb County International Airport for their continuous support of the Civil Air Patrol.

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1st Lt. Ethan Berg, GAWG/PA