National Cadet Special Activities

NCSAs are designed to give cadets direct hands on experience with various aspects of the Civil Air Patrol program and provide meaningful insight into several aviation-related careers. There are approximately 30 different special activities that a cadet may attend. Each activity is approximately a week long, and all but two are offered during the Summer.

The variety of NCSAs offered by CAP gives cadets a diverse experience. Activities focus on career exploration, leadership development, search and rescue skills, aeronautical training, Air Force familiarization, government, and a variety of other topics.

There is a total of 46 NCSA’s nation wide, the application process opens on the first of December. NCSA requirments – Prior to signing up for an NCSA the cadet must have complete and encampment, depending on the NCSA you are looking at signing up for depends on further requirements.
Application process – To sign up for an activity you must find which NCSA or NCSAs you would like to apply for. You can look at the NCSA list and dates at Once you have identified activities, the next step is to log into Eservices and register here . Applications must be submitted by January 15th.

Being slotted – On January 16th NHQ will begin to process the applications and by Match 1st you will have one of three response’s:

  1. Approved (This means you have a definite spot for this NCSA, Don’t forget to pay on time or your spot may be given to an alternate.
  2. Alternate (This means you do not have a definite spot, but if a spot opens you might get it.)
  3. Declined (This means all spots are full for the NCSA you applied for.)
“NCSAs are amazing opportunities! You learn so much, make lifelong friends, and have a great time. I highly recommend attending an NCSA. You won’t regret it!” – C/SSgt Cynthia Walker
This summer, three cadets from the Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron were able to attend NCSA’s. C/1stLt Reuschel Was able to attend the Civil Engineering Academy and Hawk Mountain, C/CMSgt Reuschel Was able to attend both weeks of the Emergency Services Academy, and C/CMSgt Williams was able to attend both weeks of the Emergency Services Academy.
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend these amazing activities! Registration opens December 1st.
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1st Lt. Ethan Berg, GAWG/PA