2014 SER Cadet of the Year

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2014 SER Cadet of the Year poses with some fellow cadets

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – On Wednesday August 25 2015, Sandy Springs Cadet Squadron Commander, Lt. Col O’Hara, presented Cadet Staff Sergeant Cynthia Walker with the the 2014 Southeast Region Phase One Cadet of the Year Award. It is one of several awards presented annually to exceptional Civil Air Patrol Cadets. After receiving the award C/SSgt Walker provided some advice for her fellow cadets: “Dream big, aim high, work hard, and never, give up. There are so many amazing opportunities for you with CAP if you just have the courage and desire to take them!”


Receiving this award is a truly amazing opportunity; it provides the cadet the chance to represent the Civil Air Patrol’s Southeast region, and serve as a model for other cadets. C/SSgt Walker will be able to take this opportunity to encourage her fellow cadets to strive for their next promotion, and to always do their best no matter what obstacles stand in their way.


C/SSgt Walker reports to Lt Col O’Hara

“When I first heard that I had been selected for the award, I was speechless,” said Walker. “I still don’t understand how I could be so blessed as to have been chosen for this award. Besides the honor of being able to represent my squadron and wing to the Southeast Region, it has a great personal value, as it reminds me of everything I’ve done in the past year that led to this. I learned so much, and really grew, not only as a leader, but as a person. I met so many extraordinary people, went places and did things I never even thought possible. My time in CAP has been simply amazing! I can’t wait to see what will happen next!”

Civil Air Patrol allows young people from 12 years told to
21 years old to be introduced to the concepts of leadership and aviation through CAP’s cadet program. The program allows cadets to progress at their own pace through a 16-step program including aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness, and moral leadership.




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1st Lt. Ethan Berg, GAWG/PA